Childhood murder movie



I’ve watched horror “scary” movies since I was a child. sometimes sneaking peaks or acting asleep when I was very very young. now this past few years +-7 I’ve been wondering about this scene thats quit disturbing me as I need to find out ifbit is a suppressed memory from when I was maybe 2-4years old or if this toddler was just in a movie that I shouldnt have seen. please tell me if you guys know of any such documentries, movies, news articles etc from the 90s.

I’m very curious to know if anyone know of a movie where the following happens:

It’s set in an old area… it seems like it might be winter at the time and three young children ages between 2-5, take a walk down this small river path. they’re all wearing winter booties and jackets. it is like as if it was a sunday the parents were busy and the 3 young ones were sent out to go walk a bit in the little sun left

I suppose the two older toddlers was suppose to keep the 2yr old safe. but then something happended (im not sure what) and the next moment the little boy wad on the grou d I  the woods and one of the older todlers picked up a sizable rock and started bashing the little one to his death in the head. the two older ones then packed rocks over the smaller 2yr old little boy and washef off at the river side to go home.


The reason I need to find out if this is a real movie or article or something is that I know or suspect a few years later when I was about 8 or 9 uears old I hirt a girl bashed her face into a brick wall till her face bled. and walked away as if nothing had happend. only afterwards did I realize what had happened. she was a neighbour of mine same age.

I need to find out if it is just movies replaying or if somethings wrong inside me inside my brain. please.

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