Chick flick


Its been several years now since I’ve been trying to recall the movie name. I believe I saw it around 2010 and the movie release should be around that date also give or take a couple years. It is definitely a romance movie involving two people who pretends to be rich and ends up falling in love. I remember one scene they go into a fancy restaurant and the guy asks her how are they going to pay for the meal towards the end of the dinner. She says not to worry and pulls out aluminum foil (I believe) from her purse and puts it in her mouth or food.. then telling the waiter that there is garbage in their food and they do not want to cause a scene so they will just get up and leave. The couple eventually breaks up.  Towards the end of the movie ( my friend thinks I’m mixing the ending with a different movie but I believe they are the same movie) the guy gets a job as a delivery man? Not sure if he was delivering a package or a letter but it was to a rich guy with a big house and he sees the girl that was with him earlier in the house and realizes that she married a rich guy.


This might be a long shot but any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance !

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  1. Wow that’s definitely the restaurant scene with the garbage ! But my memory towards the end was involving a guy coincidently delivering soemthing to a rich guys house and sees the girl there. Am I talking about a different movie ?

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