Cat and mouse genre – in office building

I believe that the film in question was indeed a film, yet I saw it on the television a few years ago. It was an American film, which was in colour. It is difficult to say when the film may have been made, but judging by the style, the film was made from 1990-2005. The most memorable scene in the film was a woman in a office building/skycraper trying to exit the building without encountering a man who was implied to be a threat. This was taking place at night. Across the street, on a rooftop was an African-American gentleman who was looking across at the building and trying to guide her out, via telephone while tracking the man’s movements. The african-american actor may have been Wesley Snipes, but I could be wrong. The woman does indeed escape with the ally. I saw this film about 5 or 6 years ago. The African man was wearing glasses as I recall.

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  1. This is a wild guess. Could it be “The Long Kiss goodnight?” I saw this movie once, years and years ago, but I remember Geena Davis’s character trying to get out of a building with Samuel L. Jackson’s character helping her. There were bad guys and guns involved.

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