Cartoon where characters are turned to stone

Okay, I have been searching like crazy and Google is not helping.

I watched this movie when I was younger (born in 1992) I’m thinking I was around ten so 2002? But I think it was an older movie.

It was in English and full color. There was a princess and I think some kind of pet. Main character is a boy I think. The only parts I remember is when a little elf man and woman are turned to stone. He is like a scientist and I think she is holding cookies. They find out it’s the water that did it. Its poisoned or something. There also a walking talking tree that has a funny voice he drinks from the stream and turns to stone I think. I think they are trying to protect the princess and save the kingdom.

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  1. You described characters from the NeverEnding Story but I didn’t remember the stone part. It looks like there was an animated sereis that has what you’re looking for!

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