Cartoon of a train in a canyon on the side of a cliff

Please help me!

I was very young when I saw this movie clip/episode so I can only remember one scene/part of episode.

I saw this either late 90s early 2000s. There was a high cliff, and there was a thin pathway on the side, just big enough for train tracks. This cliff face was overlooking a green valley and I think the sun was just setting. A train was chugging along the tracks, and it made a turn into a canyon with cliffs on all sides of the train. The train was also going very slow. It was in color, and it could be in the 2000s or earlier. I don’t remember any dialogue. I do not know if the train had a face or not. It is not the polar express or the little engine that could. It’s possible that this was only one scene in a movie, or a small scene from a tv show. If you have any ideas, please let me know and i’ll check it out. This has been driving me crazy!!!

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