cartoon about a little black girl and ghosts

Nya, hello ^^ I have recently remembered a cartoon that I saw once on television, on Halloween, and from which I have never heard anything again. It’s a classic cartoon, probably from the 40s or 50s, I think in black and white, although I’m not completely sure. Perhaps it was in sepia or with more muted colors, like that time in which technicolor was still owned by Disney and other animation companys used other coloring systems. Definitely it was an American cartoon, although I saw it in my country with Spanish dubbing.

The main character was a little black girl with pigtails. At the beginning of the story, she talk to someone, her mother? and tells her that she is not afraid of ghosts. Soon after, several ghosts appear in the house and start to make mischief. The girl tries to escape uselessly, showing that she really does fear him but doesn’t want to admit it. At one point one of the ghosts, in some way that is only possible in a cartoon, makes shrink the room in which the girl is to make it very tiny. Possibly the girl wakes up scared in her bed and discovers that everything was a nightmare, but I’m not sure that the story ends this way. I don’t know what the production company is, it could be Warner Bros (the drawing style reminded me of them when I saw it) or it could be another. In any case it’s not a Disney short.

Help me, I’m very curious and I want to see it again, if someone has uploaded it to the internet.

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    1. Nya, no, sorry. The main character is not Little Audrey. She was a black girl and I think she was a character that only came out in that short, not a character with a series. That last one makes it more difficult, right? 🙁

      If this help, I don’t remember it especially racist. Maybe my childhood innocence made me overlook things but I remember it as a pretty harmless cartoon in that sense. No watermelon eaters or things like that. Ok, the plot was based on the stereotype “black people = superstitious” but I think it was the only questionable thing and when I saw that I didn’t notice it. If it had looked like “Scrub me mama with a boggie beat” I wouldn’t have liked it. So that eliminates from the search cartoons of the “censored eleven” style.

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