Caregiver is murdered

I am looking for an episode of a tv series. I do not remember the tv series though.

The episode was about a caregiver who takes advantage of the elderly people he takes care of. I remember bits and pieces of the episode but i remember the ending is very good detail.

He is sitting on the couch eating his tv dinner on a tv dinner tray watching jeopardy and calls the contestant and idiot. Then some gentleman come in and knock him out, he awakens and realizes he is tied up. And someone like a lawyer is talking about taking the his files and making sure he cant screw anyone over again and i think he is then murdered by the bad guys helping the lawyer guy.

4 thoughts on “Caregiver is murdered

  1. That sounds a little like an episode of Boston Legal. Catherine Piper drags Alan Shore into a fight against a man who takes advantage of seniors by becoming their conservator, and then selling off their assets while paying himself a heft salary. I don’t remember him being murdered, but I do remember he was roughed up by some thugs the Alan knew.

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