Car with a safe get jacked , dont get inside the safe and everyone dies

Movie is from the 80s most likely, color.  Could be american or europe (italy maybe, not 100%)  i would to find it and to know what it was. Please help.   Here is what i remember –  so a group of people is trying to catch this car that has a safe in it (don’t remember whats inside).  The car is like a sports hatchback, 2 door.  It is armored and the windshield is striped so that its hard to see inside.  The create a trap on this rocky road.  They flip one of their cars on its side and one from the group who is a girl lays down on the road as if injured.  They pour some liquid next to her as if blood. The armored car stop next to trap.  There are two people in the armored car.  One decides to step out to help/ check.  Then they either kill or capture him while the driver locks the car.  The crooks also have this truck that they use to load the car into.  And start trying to get inside.  In the process i think everybody dies.  When they finaly open the car door, one guy get shot in the stomach by driver, dies. They kill the driver.  Then they still cant get into the safe.  Then everything falls appart. Another guy gets bitten by a snake, dies.  The last two people,  guy and a girl , i think jump off a cliff.  Some body was chasing them possibly

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