Can’t remember title or actors from this kidnapping thriller

Hey everyone,

this is my first time posting here so I hope I do things right here.


So a few years ago I saw a thriller on tv about a father, whos kid was kidnapped.

The dad had his suspicions on a certain guy, but the police couldn’t really find anything on him. But the father was so sure it was the guy, he ended up kidnapping him, trapping him inside of a rundown building and eventually even torturing him.

The last info is a spoiler for the movie so heads up: In the end (I think) it turned out to have been the mother of the guy the dad kidnapped and whom he had visited to question on her son multiple times.


End Spoiler


I honestly don’t remember any actors from the movie but I am fairly certain it’s an american movie that is probably not older than say 15 years?


Alright thanks to any answers in advance.

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