Can’t remember title

i cannot for the life of me remember this movie title. I just remember one of the main characters is this really trashy woman who claims the universe won’t let her die. The villains get this scrawny black guy to hack into a security system or something and she shows up in this crappy car and starts screaming at them while running towards them with a machete. She kills the bodyguard and then tries to kill the black guy but he explains he is not the main character. The exchange was “IM NOT _____!” “Oh! Then why were you running?” “Because you had a KNIFE!!!” And she just can’t die or have bad luck or something. Like when people try to shoot her the bullets always miss and she’s trying to kill the main character for some reason.

6 thoughts on “Can’t remember title

  1. Here’s the dialog you remember…

    Bart Curlish: Dirk Gently, you are a dead man.
    Ken: Who’s? Who’s Dirk Gently?
    Bart Curlish: You’re not Dirk Gently?
    Ken: No.
    Bart Curlish: What, are you kidding me right now? Then why’d you run?
    Ken: You have a machete and you killed Red!
    Bart Curlish: Why didn’t you just say I’m not Dirk Gently?
    Ken: [shouting] ‘Cause I don’t know who that is!

  2. Solved! (Sorry to steal the Solve from you CJ but I never know if someone will chime in, so when I see one I immediately recognize I try to answer).

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