Can’t remember the episode/case of judge Judy

Anyone remember the episode/case of judge Judy with the information below:

+ I saw it around Oct-Dec 2013 in Sydney; on Fox channel IIRC.

+ The case was about a boy which was charged at throwing a chair on to a car which his parent claimed that the female driver drove carelessly and fast, used to do that before the incident, and nearly hit the boy.

+ Judge Judy said that the boy was responsible for his action, and he had no right to do that, although his parent insisted that he had and they had the right to prevent such a dangerous circumstance. She said that all the family can do in that case was to file a report to the police including a license plate screenshot, and only the police had the right to do things with the driver.

+ Disputes back and forth between the family and the judge, then she gave a case which questioned back the father that whether he did the same thing with a boulder instead if he was in the case. The father dully insisted that he would not, but still had the right in the case of the chair. Finally Judge Judy told the father one thing that I still remember: You are beyond the redemption. You’re too old and too thick.

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