Can’t find a movie I only remember one scene of!

Im looking for a movie but I dont know the name of it. This movie is from end of the 80 or the 90’s I remember one scene of It! Im not sure if it is a Emmanuelle movie I dont know,but I see all of the emmanuelle in space storyline and it is not that. So these are the memories: A Blonde hair alien man who abduct an earth woman to get their new “Queen” and I think he wanted to get her pregnant to help to survive their alien race. The alien say to the earth women “you gonna be are new Queen” or something,he said that in my language (Hungarian) And the woman dont say no.The woman is on a desk or something in a spaceship I dont remember.And the alien sprayed something white creamy stuff on the woman’s body and massage it or something and the woman liked it and the have sex after that The alien man looks just like a big muscle earth human man and the alien just look like Kevin Sorbo from Hercules.He had a shoulder lenght blonde hair in the movie,so I think he is Kevin Sorbo,but im not sure. Maybe it is an american erotic movie Im not sure,but I dont know because I see only that part of the movie Please help me I can’t remember that movie! 🙁

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