Can’t figure this out! Please help!!

Okay so me and my sister cannot find this movie and it’s driving us crazy. We used to watch it in the car on the vhs player. This was probably around 2005-2008 that we would watch it but I’m not sure what year it’s from. It’s in color and English.
Okay, so this movie is about a girl who is probably around 13-15 years old and at the beginning of the movie her parents tell her she’s going to live with her grandma over the summer and she’s not very happy about it. We remember her grandma living in China but it could be somewhere else in Asia. She goes and has a bad attitude about being there and kind of gives her grandma a hard time. Her grandma makes egg drop soup and she is disgusted by it. She ends up meeting some boys that live in the area and know her grandma. They aren’t really friends at first. She tells her grandma she needs to shower so her grandma takes her to the bathtub that is in the back of her house that you have to light a fire under. She’s appalled that she has to bathe outside. She becomes friends with the boys and they show her a game that they play. They hop on a train that goes by the area and hop off.
She starts to grow on her grandma and the place she lives and starts to enjoy it. The smallest boy in the group gets injured jumping off the train and really hurts himself. They visit him in the hospital where he has a bandage wrapped around his head. The summer ends and she doesn’t want to go back. She’s sad to leave her grandma and new friends.
Please help us find what this movie is! It’s killing us.😭 Thank you!

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