Cannot a horror movie for a while


It was quite a while since i was watching that movie, so i will tell about it, but i’m not sure about my memory ^_^

It’s a horror, thriller, … moive

It is about family and new house. Family: man, woman. Could have kid/kids. House, perhaps, had 2 floors. It’s very likley that house is near lake or pound. Near the house was a stable, barn or shed.

So … in the house were living also two sisters, could be even twins. And they were living/hiding in the walls. Walls are doubled, so there is a space in between. Girls could move from one place to another in the house by using secret ways.

As i remember they were bad to main characters. Could be because of their parents raising them unproperly. I don’t remeber they were real or they were ghosts or smth supernatural…

From here i can not be sure if the next memory from another movie or not šŸ™‚

But seems like it from the same.

The last memory is about the end of the movie:After previous actions in the house guy goes to the shed, and finds in there a secret/hiden way to some place. That place was smth like the centre of evil or round altar. There were a lot of books on a round shelfs(not sure), and the main book in center on a pedestal or stantion(im positive), … it was open … and light started shine out of book similar to Harry Potter, could be that even some signs from book started to go out of book and swirl around the book along with the shine as if the book is a living creature or has a power.

I had some tries to find movie by name. I though it had a name “House near the Lake” or “a Lake House”, didn’t find desired result, but i was sure atm. I think this movie like 1990-2015. At least last time i tried this period. I would say it looks like that film is 1995-2010, but iĀ  could be even mistaken about 90-15, there is a small chance that movie is lower than 90s. But i don’t think it’s a movie after 2015.

If i mentioned two separate movies they shoud have similar begining: family->new house->smth…

In this case I’m interested in both šŸ™‚

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