cartoon or anime

  1. watched 10 years ago, maybe more, showed on TV
  2. it was a cartoon or anime
  3. watched this work in Russian
  4. colored
  5. I remember a piece of the plot: a middle-aged man walks through the desert to join him as a fellow traveler, a guy who has just finished his studies and returns home. The guy says that a girl is waiting for him at home who gave him a hairpin goodbye when he left the settlement and other things about himself. A man gives an amulet to a guy. Suddenly, the guy is killed by the cannibals with a spear. The man gives the body of the guy with dynamite to the cannibals and takes the amulet back to himself, the cannibals die from the explosion. I can be wrong, he seems to have said the phrase that you will have more taste for young meat instead of its old one. From the explosion, the guy’s hairpin flies off to the side of the man and he picks it up with the phrase not how you will not leave me alone. then the actions are transferred to the guy’s settlement where the local feudal lord tortures the girl in an attempt to make her his own, she still tried to bite off her tongue to die. As a result, the girl will be hypnotized. A man in a mask on his face and in a similar outfit who was killed by the cannibals enters this settlement and reads to conduct a dialogue with the feudal lord. then he is revealed, and he uses the power of the amulet to summon creatures that look like harlequins.

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