cabin in the woods genre

Trying to remember name of movie from the 90’s maybe…?

Some teenagers head into the woods. One memorable scene at the beginning: the kids are walking below a rocky outcropping and just as they disappear out of sight, somebody perfectly camouflaged into the rock moves to go after them. It turns out to be a crazy old lady who camouflages herself with leaves, lichen and twigs, and she has a couple of horrifying sons. Later they find her creepy cabin where she keeps jars of disgusting stuff. At one point the teenagers make a trap using a swinging log covered in spikes. It is possible that I am remembering details from other movies and inserting them into this one, but for the most part I think my memories of this movie are accurate.

This takes place in the US. This was not a low budget, badly directed and produced movie if my memory serves right. I don’t know why it isn’t included in any of the top “cabin in the woods” lists I’ve come across so far. I really liked this movie because the ending, if I’m remembering correctly, is not as dismal as most movies of this type, and I’d like to see it again.

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    1. Wow- I saw your answer and had a look on youtube. My memory served me very badly- awful film. So many things not at all the way I remember! But that is the film so you are correct. Thanks for the reply!

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