By the water; wooden box?

I saw this movie sometime around 2004 (approximately) and have been trying to figure out what it is for years. I’m fuzzy on details, but this is what I remember: There was a murder or murder accusation, and the story was mainly about a husband and wife. It took place in a house near a dock. There is some kind of mystery and there is a scene involving a wooden box that was important–I think either a character found a key that unlocked a wooden box, or found a wooden box with a key inside? I believe I saw it on television. It was in English, in color. I’m not sure when it was made, but it was definitely not that old when I saw it. Does anyone know what this might be?

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    1. I just looked it up and from what I read, this sounds like it! I’ve asked this on a number of sites over the years and no one has ever known the answer–Thank you!!!

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