B&W Film. People with masks. Possibly 70’s.

Hi all.

In around 2004 I saw the first 20 minutes (or so) of a black and white film that I believe had been recently re-released on DVD. A group of regular people come across/are come across by another person/group of people wearing strange masks (kinda looked like paper bags? but they had stringy hair? maybe?), who are initially just watching them. Maybe they leave willingly, maybe they are taken away with them.. i cant remember.

For some reason i feel as if this was very much an art film, and most probably 70’s or earlier. I also feel like it was called ‘The ****’ (like, ‘The Society’ or ‘The Clandestine Society’ or something similar). I also swear the marketing on the DVD cover was promoting the bizarre/cult nature of the film.

Who knows, this may be an easy one.

Would love some help!

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