Boy starts to like his half sister??

I remember watching this movie in the early 2000s but i’m not completely sure when it was made. Maybe in the 90s or 00s. it was an American movie and it was in English. It was also in color.

The movie starts out with a man at his bachelor party and he leaves the room everyone is in and finds a girl in a hallway or something. They start talking and eventually go into another room to have sex. The movie fades to black after they go into the room.

The movie fast forwards 16-17 years and the man is married and has two teenage children, a boy and a girl. The woman from his bachelor party  ended up getting pregnant and their son is the same age (maybe a year older) than his daughter. The woman and her son move to the same city/town that the man lives in. The woman finds the man and tells him about their son and he decides not to tell his family because he thinks they won’t find out. The boy doesn’t know that this man is his father. The boy starts playing for the football team there and i remember him wearing a red letterman jacket at some point. The daughter is sitting with some friends watching football practice one day and sees the boy and she immediately likes him. He looks up at her and it’s obvious he likes her too. After that they try to start dating but when the dad hears the boys name he immediately tells her she can’t keep seeing him but doesn’t say why. The daughter obviously doesn’t listen. One night the dad goes downstairs because he can’t sleep and finds his daughter and the boy on the couch together making out. He sees this and screams telling the boy to leave. He eventually tells his family that the boy is his son. I can’t remember anything after that, so thanks in advance if someone finds it!

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