Boy looking for his mother in the future?

OK, I remember seeing this movie in the early 2000s,though I’m not sure if it had just come out or not, and I’m fairly sure it was in color.

I don’t remember much, but I do remember that it centered around a boy who somehow woke up in the future (I’m not sure if he was in a coma or he was asleep or something), and he begins looking for his mother. I think he had a lock of his mother’s hair as a trinket or something (though I might be confusing that from another movie). Either way, I’m pretty sure that in the end he comes to find out that its been years since he “fell asleep” and his mother is dead.


2 thoughts on “Boy looking for his mother in the future?

  1. Artificial Intelligence–it was meant to be a Kubrick film, but was directed by Spielberg after Kubrick’s death.

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