Boy finds a time capsule that is a time machine

Date seen: 2005-2015 (I would guess the release date to be late 90’s-2010)

It was a coloured family movie in English, borrowed from a library.

There was a middle school-aged boy who found a time capsule in either a grassy schoolyard or a backyard. It might’ve been buried near a tree and it was metal and cylindrical-shaped. I think he tried to open it and somehow discovered it had time machine properties. I remember one particular scene where he was in a house’s basement trying to get something (no idea what) and there is a long jump cut sequence of him using the capsule to go back in time again and again because he keeps messing up a jump.

Any help is much appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Boy finds a time capsule that is a time machine

    1. No, unfortunately. I don’t remember the main character using the machine to go too far back or forward in time. Maybe only within his lifetime?

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