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Boy finds a time capsule that is a time machine

Date seen: 2005-2015 (I would guess the release date to be late 90’s-2010)

It was a coloured family movie in English, borrowed from a library.

There was a middle school-aged boy who found a time capsule in either a grassy schoolyard or a backyard. It might’ve been buried near a tree and it was metal and cylindrical-shaped. I think he tried to open it and somehow discovered it had time machine properties. I remember one particular scene where he was in a house’s basement trying to get something (no idea what) and there is a long jump cut sequence of him using the capsule to go back in time again and again because he keeps messing up a jump.

Any help is much appreciated!

movie about tiny people trying to save their city by transporting to a human world

Hey everyone, I can’t remember this English movie from my childhood I probably watched between 2006-2014 (sorry it’s quite a big gap, I’m leaning towards the later half of those years). I watched it at home rented from the library, so it may have been an older movie as well. I’m pretty sure it was animated, but it may have been partly live-action. It was definitely in colour.

I remember there being a sort of secret, perhaps magical, city that maintains its magic with some object placed above the city (I remember an egg-shaped thing, but not sure). It gets stolen, which puts the city in danger, and a group of civilians go through a portal to try and save their city. The portal leads them to the ‘human’ world (this is the part I’m not sure if it is live-action or still animated) where they need to find the villain. The people from the fantasy world are a lot smaller when in the human world. There’s also a scene later on in the movie where they are in the house and a kid is watching television advertisement. Something happens with the remote control and popcorn starts coming out from the television and into the room. I think the remote control was a key part in defeating the bad guy, but don’t remember why.