boy falls asleep on train and dreams of werewolves

This is a movie I saw about 10 years ago, it was in English with colour.
It was about a kid who is on some train (I think it might have been some locomotive) and he is in a compartment with two other guys. Eventually the kid falls asleep and dreams that some one is after him for some reason. The two guys in the compartment are also in his dream and can change into some big dogs. They are also after him. I do not know what else happens in the dream, but at the end of the movie the kid wakes up and is all like ‘oh, it was just a dream’! The two other guy in the compartment get off and the boy sees them walking across some fields and then they turn into dogs for a split second before they are gone.

That is all I remember of the movie. I also remember that it left me feeling kinda scared

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