boy escapes Hell

I recall a movie I saw the last quarter of on TV back in the early 90’s.  It wasn’t of great quality, and I didn’t love it or anything, but it’s memory stuck with me.  I thought the name was ‘The Scribe” or “The Herald”

of what I watched a boy with a dark cloak and 3 I think gentlemen following him, escaped a medieval style Hell,  I recall seeing some rather freakish sights behind them as they climbed into a cave where behind them was fire and lava, and a flying skeleton demon coming after them.  They proceeded to rush through the cave and find themselves in the sewer of a city in the states, where they seem to be on a quest to get to a specific chapel, before the demons snatch them back and kill them.  I think the boy dies at the end along with the men.  The tone of the movie was dark of course.

If someone remembers and can help me out, that’d be great

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  1. That’s it!, thanks guys. Also ‘Livinghead’ I don’t see a mail system here, so I had to actually click the ‘older’ button at the bottom of the page, till I found my post. my profile doesn’t say “you have 3 responses.”

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