Bone horse chases a guy

Hello everyone!

Writing to you from Russia!

When I was a kid (approx. 2001-2007) I saw a film the plot and title of which I hardly remember. The only scene there is in my mind is: a guy ends up on ice or maybe salt-sand of sorts(80% it was ice) in the middle of nowhere. He wears only pants and looks wounded his hands and feet are in blood, and his feet are barely wrapped with cloth to compensate the harsh surface of the ice. So he stands up and tries to go, he toils along and then a bone horse appears behind him and he is forced to run but after a while the horse runs him down. That’s all about the scene.

Although I was watching it in Russia it certainly was a western film. Colored, theaters grade not series or somth. Maybe even that James Bond film where he fights an Asian guy, but the context is odd.

Thanks for help, best regards!

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  1. There’s a skeletal (and burning) horse in Ghost Rider (2007), but beyond that I’m stumped. I can confirm that it is definitely NOT a James Bond movie, though.

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