Bluebird? 79’s movie ,corny

This movie might be a children’s movie from the 70’s.It was possibly called Bluebird? A fairy Tale story about a woman possibly called Bluebird?A corny movie,cheesy set design and I watched it several times as a kid.Loved it then..curious to find more about it,and the Title.

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  1. I found it.Why i didnt try before i’ll never understand.Its called The BlueBird ,1976, a movie adaptation from a play.Starred Elisabeth Taylor,Eva Gardner,and Jane Fonda! Also,Cicely Tyson! I wasn’t aware there of any of these famous stars being in it till now! It flopped at the box office but it is actually from a play that was quite popular..a soviet-US production.Both Katherine Hephburn and Shirley MacLain dropped out before shooting began,according to imdb.

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