blonde ponytail

I remember this movie that I watched in the late 90’s and I believe it was on HBO or STARZ or one of those type of channels. It only came on late at night and had nudity, but I do not know how much nudity.  It was a foul mouthed bad ass blonde girl with a ponytail and I believe she wore a tank top the whole time. She was hitchhiking across the country and I think she may have killed someone. She was very obnoxious. I watched that movie like 4 times as a teen, it was always on it seemed. There may have been diesels and guns involved. I just have a vague memory.

3 thoughts on “blonde ponytail

  1. Sounds more like Roxanne’s guess, I don’t remember ‘diesels’ in Freeway. OP didn’t provide many details though.

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