Bizarre movie

I’m trying to remember a very strange movie I watched a while ago. It was not an American movie. It had English subtitles.

It was about a man who lived underground in the woods. He knocks on several families doors asking for help. One man gets mad at the strange man and sends him off, or beats him up I can’t remember. His wife then later lets the strange man in and lets him stay in their guest house. She keeps it a secret from her husband.

The strange man starts influecing the wife’s dreams and eventually turns her against her husband and she falls in love with the strange man. Strange man kills the families gardener and becomes the families gardener. This man brings in all of his weird creepy friends to work too. They can turn into dogs and they put weird marks on the families children that made them sleep/sick.

The strange man and wife plot to poison her husband. They kill him and then the strange man kills the wife. They bury this couple in the yard and then take the children and their nanny with them when they leave.

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