Bizarre movie using birds

I saw the end half of this movie a few years ago & have been trying to find out its name. I remember thinking it had to be made in the 80s as it had that kind of feel, but being surprised at the end to find out it was early 90s. It was rather surreal. It also felt like a B movie/made for TV/straight to video type thing. They were using birds to get into a spirit world or alternate reality. It had a rather dreamlike party scene. People started growing feathers in their hair. I think at one point someone used a bath. There was a blind girl, and I think her mother. There was a large picturesque house. At the end the bad guy ended up being turned into a bird with a man’s face, & trapped in a cage. It was very strange, and I want to find it. It was in English language. Can anyone help? My online searches have turned up nothing & is driving me crazy!

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