Bizare movie around early 2000’s

I saw a movie on a cable TV some time in the early 2000’s I believe. It was a very strange, and comedic movie that I remember very little of. All I believe I can remember is the main character is a man traveling across the U.S., and has to hitch hike because he might have wrecked his car. He is walking down the interstate and sees a man attacking a sign post. It says do not pick up hitch hikers, because it was near a mental hospital from which you are led to believe he was from. They start to talk and the one man says to the other, “you know the sun is just a star up close.” Or something similar to that. The two men luck out and and a driver pulls over to give them a lift. During the short car ride scene the driver starts a bunch of impressions of celebrities, with the mental hospital man chiming in with him. It gets so bad that the main character asks to pull over to leave on foot. And yep that’s all I remember.

2 thoughts on “Bizare movie around early 2000’s

    1. Nope, seen that movie, was good. That was purgatory. But thanks for the attempt. Ill see if I can remember some other details. But it is pretty foggy. Clearly remember the other guy on the road shaking and kicking down the no hitch hiker sign.

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