Bill Bixby PBS anthology show – ‘Moon Ball’ episode

So Bill Bixby hosted a kid’s show on PBS in the early 80s (‘Once Upon A Classic’), that much I know.

However, I cannot find the title of one episode about two boys that found an alien ‘moon ball’ – a shiny silver sphere that would follow them and try to communicate with them.  It was an adaptation from a book (and I remember reading the book, too!  The alien was glowing and fuzzy in that!) but Google is failing me when I try to find the title of either.


5 thoughts on “Bill Bixby PBS anthology show – ‘Moon Ball’ episode

  1. Oh my gosh I remember this show! I recall the bigger silver sphere, opening up, and the smaller silver ball, coming out, and following them around, and helping them. I can’t find this show! I would love to see it again!

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