Beach house and blonde actress from the 90s with wide jaw


I am looking for a movie that I only remember very few. I think it was from the 90s (but maybe from the late 80s).
In it there was a blonde woman with a very wide jaw line. She was not the main character in the movie but only a secondary role as the “hero’s girl”.
I have tried to search for her name or even photos, but what I was able to find is that she wasn’t so famous to be ranked at least in the top 100 women from the 90s….. I just know that she was pretty, probably blue eyes, but really wide jaw (this trait should help it out).

Regarding the movie, the main character had a beach house and I am not sure if he was a cop or ex cop or something like that, and the villains in some point put a bomb on this house….

and basically, that’s all I remember of the movie, just know that I have it somewhere in my parents house in a recorded VHS tape lost in the attic, but from my memories as a little kid, I liked this movie a lot, although not so much to not remember much more than this….

If you know the movie name or the actress name, please let me know, thank you.

7 thoughts on “Beach house and blonde actress from the 90s with wide jaw

    1. That’s the one 😀 “Loaded Weapon 1” and she is called: Kathy Ireland.
      I am surprised to find out that this movie that was “messing” my brain was a “joke comedy” and not something more serious… well… probably this is why I liked it as a kid….. At least now I have some plans for the weekend..

      To all the other who replied to me, with other movie. Thank you all.

  1. In the 90’s, I saw Top Gun and thought Kelly McGillis had a noticeably wide chin and jawline. She was still lovely, but those features stood out for me. Maybe she’s the actress you’re looking for, but I don’t know the movie.

    1. Thank you, although that is also one of my childhood and for that will always have a special place…. this is not the one regarding my question. Thank you anyway.

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