Basic Cable Alien B-Movie

  • I remember viewing this film as a child in the mid-90s on basic cable in the United States—TBS or TNT, I think. That means it was probably made in the mid-late 80s or early 90s. possibly earlier, though i doubt it. I don’t think it was a big budget affair however there were a fair amount of special effects.
  • Don’t recall any actors specifically, though I remember there were child-actors in it.
  • In color
  • Plot involved aliens landing and taking over a suburban neighborhood. The part I remember is the aliens setting up shop underground or in caves near the neighborhood, (or adjacent a house’s backyard?) and eventually reproducing enough where they take over. I believe there was a plot line where a child/son character knows about the aliens in the ground/caves, however people don’t believe him. I believe the film culminates with armed forces setting up shop in town to defeat the aliens.
  • the part I’m unsure about is whether the aliens were taking human form or not, body snatchers rip-off style.

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