Bar Owner Helps Single Girl Find Love

Hey all! I remember a movie from probably 10 or so years ago and it was a romantic comedy, I think. It opened with a scene of a girl who lived above a bar (or next to it, not sure) and mooched off the free wi-fi. She is trying to load something on her laptop and sticks it out the window, only for her to drop it to the street below. Another scene I remember is her walking into the bar for internet and sitting at the bar in her pajamas. Of course, the owner comes and talks to her, she hits on him, he’s not into it. He explains that he’s a bachelor and even has the water turned off to his apartment so that any woman he brings home doesn’t try to stick around and make breakfast or move in. I don’t remember a lot of the in between, just that he offers to help her find love. In helping her, he falls in love with her, and the movie ends with him realizing he loves her and her on a date with an Irish guy, yelling about the “luck of the Irish!”

Any ideas? I’d love the help!


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