B & W movie with madman cutting off women’s faces

I saw the movie during the early 1980s. I remember it being Black and White, but it could have been a different print.

At any rate, it featured a bunch of college COEDs running around a town near an old house. The COEDs were dressed in skirts and shirts commonly seen in the early 1960s. The language was English.

In the film, there was a madman running around cutting of the women’s faces to try to match the face up to his deformed sister. Now, what was really interesting was that he had a plaster cast of his sister’s face on a base of a hand held mirror. So, when he would cut the face off, he would put the face on that plaster cast to see if it would fit.

It is not Eyes Without a Face, Mill of the Stone Women, or The Awful Dr. Orlof.

I’ve been looking for this for many years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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