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1970s or 1960s funky flick involving a surreal cavern with forearms/hands jutting from the floor and trying to grab the protagonist

I have this weird memory of a foreign movie (?) I saw on Finnish TV back in the early 1980s.

The scene I can recall is one with the protagonist — or possibly two protagonists (male and female) — escaping a surreal place which has a smallish cavern/basement with dozens of forearms/hands jutting straight up from the floor (!), spaced tightly enough it is hard to walk through them. While the protagonist(s) are walking/running across this field of arms/hands, the said arms are reaching for their legs and trying to grab them.

These strange disembodied limbs may not necessarily be human arms/hands but maybe something artificial, akin to robotic arm/hand mechanisms wearing long (yellow? white?) rubber gloves.

As I recall, the styling of the scene was somehow very 1970s “disco funky” (the cavern could have had a disco ball hanging from the roof or a small stage at the side, or heavy velvety drapes) or 1960s surreal comedy tropey and resembled either the 1978 Goldie Hawn / Chevy Chase / Dudley Moore comedy thriller Foul Play, or maybe something that would happen in an episode of Get Smart. The last time I checked Foul Play, I could not find such scene in it, though.

Was it in English – or an Anglo-American production at all? I think so, but cannot be sure. Could possibly have been French as well.