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A dead woman sits up to point an accusatory finger at the priest who caused her death, but when she opens her mouth only blood comes out

This was a Spanish-language* film I saw on TV as a child (but only partly, because it was scary and I kept changing the channel). I was pretty young, so the movie was definitely pre-1997.

It was a period movie, in color, but with a pretty minimal set, mostly stone.

There was a priest, clearly the bad guy. I’m pretty sure the priest rapes this young woman (off screen or maybe I changed the channel), and has her tongue cut out so she won’t accuse him. She does anyway, by literally pointing the finger and letting blood pour from her mouth.

The hero, her young lover/fiancé, returns to find her dead, as I recall.(Did the priest kill her?)

The body? of the young woman sits up when the priest enters the room with the grieving hero, and does the pointing-and-blood trick.

*I’m second-guessing my child self. 90% sure it was Spanish, 10% possibility of Italian or other language.