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Guy kisses girl as she goes off on a date with another guy

So i remember a scene in a movie where a guy gives a girl a really passionate kiss as she’s about to go off to a date or something with another guy. After she’s gone the guy turns to his friend and says something like “that’ll give her something to remember” and the friend turns around and says “yeh, or you’ve just got her all hot and bothered and sent her off to another guy” or something similar.

Childhood friends hide relationship

I remember this movie scene where a couple, I think they’re childhood friends, are hiding their new relationship from their families. They go home for maybe the holidays and are staying over at the girl’s parents house. I remember the guy sneaking in to her room during the night in nothing but a dressing gown as apparently she gave him some sort or ‘signal’ earlier for sex. They end up talking in bed and then she opens up his dressing gown saying ‘oops’ in order to initiate sex. I also remember the mother outside basically knowing what’s going on.