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Shark with legs for days

Ok this might not be the place for it as it wasn’t a proper movie, it was like a movie that had been split in half and only appeared on tv once.

It featured a family that moved near the sea in a hamlet where there was a secret research laboratory with an shark that was attacking and killing things. There was a hobo like man who knew about it.

When they found the lab and entered down a ladder they found this shark that had legs and could walk as it was some genetics experiment mixing the hobo mans (who used to work at the lab) DNA with that of a great white.

Hobo man ends up sacrificing himself to stop it I think. I must have seen it over 12 years ago. It was in colour.

Some cheesy sniper movie

Er, well I think the film starts in a woodland with two snipers ranging in on some a target. Then at some point a few years later the one sniper ends up helping some female law enforcement officer with a case where someone is shot.

She apprehends some hunters in the woods but he is all like “its not zeroed in” and she shoots gun and cuts her face on scope and his all like “beginners cut” or some flaky comment like that cause she put the scope to close to her eye.

Then some more stuff happens at the end of the movie they trapped in house full of explosives so the hero guy cuts some plastic explosive of one of the bombs and uses a lamp to detonate it against the floor whilst him and the lady officer/cia/what ever hides in a metal bath tub. They then escape out the hole in the floor just in time for dramatic house explosion. He then grabs big friggin sniper gun bolts it to car roof and aims at fastly disappearing bad guy whom goes down a hill, he shoots and starts counting mississippi’s bad guy is like, nice try and then promptly gets his head exploded by the bullet. End film I think.

I think its an 80’s film but it might be early 90’s, I watched it to many years ago to really be accurate.

Film was in colour and in english.

Oh and it might/or might not involve someone getting shot getting of a airplane, but that might be another movie..