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Scene from a movie ( there is a boy/ monster with leek, or something like that in his hands, that was running from a person )

(Sorry for my English)

I remember a scene from a movie , its a bit old I guess.

There was a person or monster , don’t really know how to name him ( he looked like a human , I mean his body, but his face looked like somehow creepy), if I remember correctly he maybe  looked like the person from this video ( .  He was running from  someone, as far as I remember it was a person.  Also there was a  child ( same like this monster ) and he was holding in his hands something like leek .   One of these monsters ( or both of them, can’t remember) was hiding in a garage , and was trapped there , cause someone blocked the exit from this garage. The last thing that I remember,  is when  someone ( as far as I remember , the monster ) looked really scared  and was  cruelly killed in this garage , and this scene was bloody.