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in what movies the soundtrack was: Hevia – busindre reel

couldn’t find if these type of questions are against the rules,

can you please name me the movies that used this song as their soundtrack: Hevia – busindre reel

or please let me know if there is an easy way to find all movies that used this song as soundtrack on the internet.

interested in movies from 1998- 2006
i remember this song from a movie but other than the song i don’t remember much.


a science fiction movie from the late 80s or early 90s

there isn’t much i remember, but what i do remember is a planet that is being attacked by other planet,
we are talking about kinda primitive weapons and clothes.
i remember that the main character had an half moon shape scar on his forehead.
if i recall correctly the whole plot is eventually a dream of the same character.
i watched it in the early 90s
not sure, i don’t want to confuse but the same character that i spoke above is half humans half monkey, i hope i am not mixing movies.


movie about an old man living in solitude find a boy and teach him survival skills

it’s a long shot, I was very little,

the plot of the movie is about a very young boy for the reason I don’t remember found himself alone in some kind of wildness ( it was like desert kind of wild and not a forest) and an old and lonely man who lived in this area by himself and found the boy, took him and thought the boy survival skills for few years.

I remember vividly a scene which the old man and the boy going to a water source and the old man laying on a rock waiting for a fish to come by and then catch it with bare hands and it use next to feed both of them,

then I remember the boy grows older mastering everything the old man thought him, and they had an argument and the old man was too old and slow to hunt and fish for himself and the boy caught a fish and didn’t share with the old man because he was made at him.

at the end the old man got sick or too old, and the boy regret his anger and took care for few days for the old man in his bed, after a while the old men died, the boy cried and there is a zoom out from the old man wooden house, and you can see pigeons flying.

I watched the movie somehow between 91-95, I believe the movie is from the year of 85-90 I pretty sure  the movie was in English, the boy was white, for the old man he was white or Asian