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womanizer man gets turned into woman

It was a romantic comedy movie. I watched it about 3 years ago and the quality of the movie suggested to me it was made somewhere between 1990 and 2010. The main character is a very attractive young looking guy and the girl he becomes has dark brown hair i think. Its in English.


It starts where the movie shows the main character guy being an asshole, he has a well paying job and at the job you see how he and his boss dismiss and disrespect the woman there.

You then learn about his best friend who has an on and off relationship with his girlfriend. His best friend is a decent guy.


The main character then gets very drunk one night and as he walks home he comes accross a small weird looking shop. He enters and I think he drinks coffee with the weird shop owner and that kind of settles his fate.


He wakes up the next morning to find he is a woman. He freaks out and doesn’t leave the apartment for long time. His best friend eventually comes over and think that he is playing a trick on him by having a random girl fool him. But the best friend later on realizes it really his friend turned into a woman. They go back to where he claims the weird shop is but the shop has vanished.


The main character who is now a woman tries to get on with life and goes to work and convinces everybody she is the main character’s cousin or something. They believe her and the boss hits on her a lot.

The main character is horrible at being a woman at first and is encouraged by the best friend to take classes with a very fashionable guy to help her become more like a woman, to dress and act better, etc.


As time goes on the main character starts to enjoy life of a woman. The best friend eventually loses his girlfriend because she thinks hes cheating on her with the main character.

The main character and the best friend start to develop love feelings for each other and attraction.


Near the end of the movie they’ve figured out a way to get him back to being a man. He has to make a choice near midnight i think whether to stay a woman or go back to being a man. Before the nights over they attend a wedding. The main character has developed a lot and is a way better and compassionate person than before. He gives the bride advice in the bathroom when the bride is uncertain that she should mostly just be a best friend to her new husband and they will get along fine.

Later on the main character joins the best friend on the dance floor to slow dance with him and the chemistry and attraction is very clear. They kiss.


Midnight nears and the main character has to make a decision to either stay a woman or go back to being a man. The best friend wants him to stay a woman.

In the end he chooses to stay a woman.