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Movie was in Spanish. It was like an enemies to lovers movie

So basically I remember this movie being in Spanish. It was like a enemies to lovers movie. The male actor, I think was a known Spanish speaking actor, the woman I don’t remember.
The scene I remember, the woman was getting off a bus or a car. There was sand. Either it took place by the beach or they were on an island (I’m leaning more towards, they were near the beach). I think the woman was moving there for a job. The man worked there where the woman moved to work. He gave her a hard time—seeing as he was used to the culture and life there. They hated each other in the beginning. After they start to like each other and end up together by the end of the movie.
The movie was in color. It was way after the 1900s. Maybe mid 2000s. I can’t say for sure a year.
That’s all I remember. Thank you in advance for the help.

cant remember movie title

The woman in the movie was a director of a play and there was a man that came home(I dont know from where)they both fall in love but his girlfriendproposes to the man.The woman and the man meet eachother when the womans friend and the mans(cousin or sister)trick them which leads them to a harbor.

the movie was in English. released in the early 2000s like probably 2000-2010. it was color. in the movie it was a Christmas theme not Christmas yet but there was a Christmas tree.

please help me! Thank you in advance