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Help finding Sci Fi TV show/Movie?

Help finding TV show or Movie I remember watching on American cable channel SyFy in the early 2000’s. The Show/Movie was in color and older looking for the early 2000’s. What I remember was a young guy dressed apart (1940’s clothing with hat) from the others and he played oldies on a radio or record player. The show/movie in question takes place in the future possibly a space station from what I recall.

Any help is appreciated.

Movie like flipped

Movie trailer I watched on YouTube years ago for a movie similar to flipped (2010) but the movie was made in the 1980’s or early 90’s. The movie I’m looking for was in color and had a preteen girl with buck teeth who likes a boy that has no interest in her. The girl and boy also ride the school bus together.

That is all I can remember from the movie trailer.  Anyone know the name of this movie?

Drama movie help

This movie has been on my mind for years.What I can remember, The movie is in English,color,Takes place around the great depression era possibly in the 1940’s. Saw this movie around the early 2000’s on a movie channel. I can’t remember if it was the Encore Channel. Anyways The main actor is a poor, young black man who lives with his family and works as a cook for a wealthy family. Can’t remember why but he is angry and he burns the kitchen and house where he works.That is all I can remember.