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Ser. about the apocalypse, in which people go crazy (not zombies), but a volcano erupts closer to the main series

The action of the series takes place around a certain family. Some people go crazy because of obsession with some mystical forces. Crazy in front of you or not is not always immediately clear. For example, a woman (one of the main characters) of the series goes to a cafe to familiar policemen, but after a short time after the conversation she realizes that the policeman is crazy because he pulled out a pistol and carried some kind of rambling nonsense. The episode with the police takes place in one of the first episodes, and this episode ends with the fact that the woman was rescued from the crazy cops by shooting them.
Mystical forces are trying to control one of the main characters, visions come to him that lead him to a volcano (perhaps to Yellowstone). By the end of the series (or season), the family gets to this volcano, it erupts, the head of the family escapes to a refuge in the earth, then a kind of reptile appears. The entire series created the impression of trash.
At the beginning of the series, the mystical power takes the son of the head of the family to the air in an unknown direction, and during much of the series the family travels trying to find him. Year of manufacture presumably 2012 + - 3 years