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This is driving me crazy!

Okay, I remember almost nothing about this movie. I feel I may have fallen asleep at a friends house and woke up to it on. This random.scene just recently popped into my head when I was writing a short story.


I remember the scene being set in a bedroom with an old man who is either sick or disabled. He’s definitely bedridden though. Anyway I believe maybe his son or grandson and that relatives girlfriend are visiting or taking care of the old man. In this scenes he’s alone in the room with the younger woman ( age 20’s or 30’s) and eventually he asks her to undress. She complies and soon is fully nude while he just stares at her.

I cant remember of he then asks for a kiss or something similar. It’s not a sex scene and other than that o dont recall much. I believe it was a film from the 80’s or 90″s but it may have been slightly earlier. I also cant remember of it’s a foreign film or features foreign actors.

Whatever the case, its driving me crazy and I hope someone can help me!