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can’t remember medieval movie

Help me remember the fairy tale film about knights!

I saw the film a long time ago, in the early ’90s in a children’s camp. Since then it has stuck in my memory but I have never seen it again((.

The plot is this … The King had two sons, twins, but according to the law only one must ascend to the throne.

But in secret, he sent an archer to see to it.

The knight took pity on the boy and didn’t throw him off. And the archer shot him for it.

The knight lies down, and suddenly an old man appears before him and says that in return for saving the boy, he will grant him any wish.

The knight said that his only regret was that he did not have enough time to raise the boy. The old man said that I am the TIME and I give you life.

The knight survived and raised the boy as his son.

Years went by. The princes grew up.

The Prince in the Castle grew wicked and treacherous. He decided to poison his father to take the throne early.

There was a knight’s tournament, and our Prince went there. His brother took part in it secretly.

And whether one killed the other or the evil Prince was only defeated, but the good Prince exchanged places with him, and as they were twins, he quietly returned to the castle.

And during the feast, he warned his father of the poisoned wine in the cup.

The king naturally apologised, cried and welcomed his son.

And the old knight died peacefully)))))