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Crazy girl with lots of boyfriends

This movie I saw on TV between 1963-1968 has haunted me for most of my life because the ending was so bizarre to my formative little brain. My mother must have been napping because there is no way she would have let me watch such a film….
1963-1968….we had a black and white set so I don’t know if it was truly b&w. The last scene took place at an insane asylum grounds. Outside one of the buildings a teenaged girl wearing a dress was sitting over a large grate. You could see hands coming up from inside the gate obviously molesting her as she sat. Her mother was there (I guess to visit her) and the girl said, “…don’t worry about me, Mama, I’ve got lots of boyfriends…” The mother stands there with a look of horror and sobs….that’s all I remember.

Ring of Eternal Youth

This is a movie I saw between the years 1965-68, black and white, about an expedition team in the jungle that find some kind of ring that had two(?) dagger prongs on it that you had to stab into your victim. Their blood would mix with the potion and from there on somehow you could become young again.
There was a scene where a man died sinking in quicksand, but not before they stabbed him with the ring.
At the end of the movie a woman from the expedition team is coming down some stairs and somebody finds her out, she goes back up the stairs and screams falling out a window and crashing onto a car in the street below. It shows a closeup of her face and she is old. End of movie.