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Please help to remember movie about love of the teens during voyage to Paris

Dear Moviefans,

Excuse e foe my English, that’s not my mother tongue.

I need your help in finding the name of the movie I saw along time ago on TV but didn’t remember a name. I only remembered a plot, but not excellent. Here it is how a remember it:

The guy(X) is in love with a girl. They study in high school. Their class decide to make a trip to France (maybe Paris). And both of them travel there. But she dates another guy(Y). The guy Y cheats on her with anoher girl and they break up.

Movie ends with guy X trying to catch this girl on the way to railway station by stealing and driving a bus. He comes to the railway station on time before train arrivd and they kiss on the railway.

Please help to find a name of this movie. I would be very thankful to ya.