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Serial Killer Friendship Movie on Netflix

I’m looking for a movie I watched on Netflix a couple years ago- I can’t find it in my history so it might have been taken down because of a copyright issue. I actually remember a lot about the movie but not the title.


The movie is about a boy and a girl who are best friends in high school. The boy is creepy and has some psychopathic tendencies. They’re both outcasts and hate everyone at the school, especially the popular kids who bully them. The girl is sexually assaulted by members of the football team and the school administration does nothing.  In revenge the boy decides to shoot up the school, but he loses his nerve at the last minute and is arrested. The girl finds a list of everyone he had wanted to kill, and a flashback shows that she’s just as much of a psychopath as the boy. She gets this small, sleek black axe and kills everyone on the list, including a gym teacher who turns out to have been running a child pornography ring. She busts her friend out of jail and gives him a bag full of money she stole from the gym teacher. They try to kiss, but it ends up being awkward and they decide they’re better off as (evil) friends. The girl encourages the boy to go on the run, and the girl is shown months later in an insane asylum, being left alone to read like she always wanted.


I know this is a lot of info but I haven’t been able to find the movie in any other way.